Carol Wozniacki is an Arsenal Fan?

Posted: 08/07/2011 in Sport
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You’ve gotta be kidding me! I woke up this morning, grabbed the daily newspaper, read it and I found a news about Caroline Wozniacki. This Danish professional tennis player has been romantically linked with Nicklas Bendtner. But I won’t write about the her love story. I’m suprised that the current No. 1 woman tennis player reported to be a fan of Arsenal.

“…Caro is a football fan so the conversation between them must be interesting and fun. Her favourite club is Arsenal, although she admitted that she fanciesBarcelona’s Tiki Taka…”

I’ve got no idea who wrote this news. But I clearly remember that the same daily newspaper wrote about two times that Caro is a Liverpool fan. So, who’s resposible for today’s sport news? He or she clearly didn’t read these news:

And perhaps he or she didn’t see these pictures:

Yeah, the world No. 1 tennis star is a Liverpool fan!

  1. Robocop says:

    O.. I, C.. with smile 🙂 please be my friend. hee.. (^_^)

  2. Fajri says:

    kunjungan perdana sob, salam kenal 😀

  3. ruutan says:

    salam kenal ….

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